Chambers Road Covered Bridge
Rental of Township Hall  
Daily: $100.00 per day plus $100.00 deposit in advance  
5 Days: $250.00 plus $250.00 deposit in advance  
Download Township Hall Rules  
Download Township Hall Permit  

Zoning Permit Fees  
Single Family Residence $350.00
Multi-Family Residence / Dwelling Unit $350.00
Garages, Carports, & Pole Building $250.00
Storage Buildings / Less Than 150 Sq. Ft. $25.00
Storage Buildings / Movable NC
Swimming Pools Over 24" Deep $100.00
New Construction, Commercial & Industrial $500.00 + $10.00/100 Sq. Ft.
Convert Single Family to Multi-Family $200.00/Unit
Addition Dwelling, Garage, or Storage Building That Increases
Building Footprint
Addition To Commercial or Industrial Building That Increases
Building Footprint
$300.00 + $10.00/100 Sq. Ft.
Signs - Per Sq. Ft. $3.00
  $25.00 Minimum / No Charge for Temporary Signs Less Than 32 Sq. Ft. For Less Than 30 Days
Rezoning Application $500.00 + $100.00/Acre
Variance, Appeal, and Conditional Use Permit $500.00
Fee for Reviewing Subdivisions / 5 or More Lots $500.00
Fee for Reviewing Subdivisions / Lot Splits / 4 or Less Lots $100.00 / Lot
Zoning Code Book $25.00
Application to Amend Township Zoning Resolution $1,000.00
Unless you have a current CAUV approved by the Delaware County Auditor, your property will be presumed to be non-agricultural and a zoning permit will be required for all structures.

Cemetery Lots  
Cemetery Lots - Resident $200.00
Cemetery Lots - Non-Resident $500.00
Lots Must Be Purchased in Multiples of 2. Purchaser must be living in the Township or a nursing home with their last permanent residence having been in the Township at the time of purchase for resident rate. Single lots may be available in some locations.
Download Burial Plot Purchase Request



For any questions, or to submit information to be added to this website, please contact Township Trustee Bob Ryan, the website coordinator.

Last Updated: August 29, 2012