Porter Township Gravel Roads
Trimming of Trees in the Road Right-of-Way
As part of our Highway Maintenance Program, we have identified a need to perform Tree and Brush Trimming within the road Rights-of-Way. This work will be done by Township personnel Further, we want you to understand our process, though cost efficient, is not a pruning type of tree trimming; it is a very rough-cut. Some work will be done by hand, however, most will be done by a Large Brush Cutter.

Should you prefer to do this work yourself, please contact this office so we can make sure your time line meets our schedule so the work can proceed. This work is necessary to provide clearance from the edge of pavement to the tree and brush line. Authority for this work is granted under Ohio Revised Code Section 5543.14. This section allows the Township to perform tree and brush cutting or removal upon proper notice to affected properties.

Trees and larger limbs that are of fire wood quality or other value may be placed at the edge of the Right-of-Way line for your use if you so desire. Your cooperation in this matter shall be appreciated. The clearing will provide for a safer and more efficient roadway.

Driveway Permit
Before installing a new driveway, a drive permit is required. If you live on a Township Road, call Eddy Ambrose (740-965-3517).
Click for permit form. If you live on a County Road, call the County Building Department at 740-833-2200.

Current Zoning Code - 2010
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Last Updated: May 12, 2015